Clara Ferreri was born in Sardinia in 1981 and alreary at a young age, she atarted cultivating her passion for art and theater.

After graduating in Scenic Design from the “ Accademia di Belle Arti” ( School of Fine Arts) in Bologna, she worked for the scenic studio “ Magma” and curated the staging for the “ Bonci” theater in Cesena. After graduating in direction from the “ Accademia Nazionale di Arti Cinematografiche” ( National Academy for Cinematografic Arts) she worked as an assistant at castings for the movie “ Albakiara” and as a scenographer for different short films. In 2007 she wrote the screenplay, shot and produced the short “Neuro-Pills”. In 2009 Clara worked with director Luìs Pasqual on the staging of “ La casa di Bernarda Alba” by Federico Garcia Lorca at the “ Piccolo teatro di Milano”. 

In 2008 she moved to Rome, determined to invest all her energies and immagination in the art that expresses best her creativity and artistic sensibility: painting. For a few years she has been exhibiting her works in numerous collective art shows in Rome and abroad. Since 2012 she works and lives in Berlin. She studied Art Therapy at Campus Naturalis Academy and has been working in a psychiatric clinic since 2014.

Qualifications and training

2018 Master in Art Therapy, Campus Naturalis , Berlin

2009 Professional Web Design Course
2008 Master’s in Film Direction, National Academy of Cinema, Bologna
2006 Master’s Degree in Scenography of Melodrama, Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna
2000 Baccalaureate, Arts School, Cagliari

Collective Exhibitions

2014 : Exhibition: ” Italian week Vernissage”@Pop-up Gallery Berlin, Berlin

2014 :Exhibition:” Open Call”, @Pop-up Gallery Berlin, Berlin

2012 Collaboration  with Ivan Caponecchi: Performance “Painted Man”,@ Bb7 Biennale Berlin, Berlin

2012 Exhibition: ” Tr(a)st & Love”, @ Antico Caffè del Moro, Rome

2011 Exhibition : ” I colori dell’anima”,@ Accademia dei Partenopei, Naples

2011 Exhibition: “Art Italy”,@ Hiring SW1 Gallery, London

2011 Exhibition: ” Vernissage di chiusura atto I”,@Rebacco wine art showroom, Rome

2011 Exhibition : “150 Souvenirs d’Italie” @ Galleria Atelier degli artisti, Rome

2011 Exhibition: ” Danza con l’arte” @Galleria Spaziottagoni, Rome

2011 Exhibition @Circolo degli artisti, Rome

2011 Exhibition: “KICK OFF”, @ CS BRANCALEONE, Rome

2010 Exhibition: “Presenze Contemporanee” (Contemporary Presences), @Galleria Margutta Design, Rome

2010 Exhibition @Circolo degli artisti, Rome

2010 Exhibition/contest: “Impercettibili forme celesti”
(Imperceptible celestial forms), @Nextarte, Rome

2010 Exhibition: “Guardando l’Africa: espressioni pittoriche”
(Looking at Africa: pictorial expressions), @GARD, Rome

2010 Exhibition: “10 minuti prima” (10 minutes earlier),@Casa Internazionale delle donne,Soqquadro, Rome

2009 Contest, @ Spazio Arte Gallery, Milan

2009 Exhibition: “Cortes Apertas” (Open courtyards), @Archaeological Museum, Teti

2000 Exhibition: “A las cinco de la tarde”,@ Centro Culturale Pirandello, Cagliari.

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Exhibition ” Energie der Farbe” , @Made in Wedding, Berlin

2014 Exhibition: “Radici” , @ Caffè degli Artisti, Berlin

 2014 Exhibition: “C.Ferreri: On another plan”, Palazzo Baronale di Sorso (SS)

2014 Exhibition: “C.Ferreri: my Universe”, @Mein Haus am See, Berlin

2013 Exhibition:”The Language of colour: Abstract Universe”, @Speakeasy sprachzeug, Berlin

2012 Exhibition: “Astratti di me” , Rome

2012 Exhibition: “Emotional trip”,@ Deko hotel, Rome

2012 Exhibition+Performance: “Colors on skin”,@ Muzak, Rome

2011 Exhibition @Rising Love, Rome

2011 Exhibition:”Tessuto emozionale: astrazioni” Ass.Civico32,@ Cortile cafè, Bologna

2010 Exhibition: @Rising Love, Rome

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